Oakley "HUD intelligent display" high tech snow mirror Airwave officially released

The world's leading sports brand Oakley released a landmark high-tech top snow mirror Airwave series. The series

combines top nowadays snow mirror manufacturing technology and Recon Instruments effort to build the HUD (Heads-

up Display) Intelligent Display Technology, the GPS (Global Positioning System), and a range of built-in Bluetooth system

with its perfect combination of sensors for alpine skiers to bring a new sensory experience, join challenges possibilities are

endless. In addition, Airwave also adhering to the Oakley Snow Goggles consistently high resolution and strong protection,

and equipped with a Switchlock quick change lens technology, cutting-edge technology and the perfect combination of

optical performance, pushing up another wave of high-tech multimedia snow mirror fashion trend!

Cutting-edge technology beyond reason

?"Airwave snow mirror the launch is a milestone, it redefines the performance of innovative new height, and will alpine

skiing into a stunning new future." Oakley CEO Colin ? Global Baden, said, "Airwave using the most

sophisticated electronic technology to lead the skier to enter the world of digital information, it represents the cutting-edge

technology and the power of infinite possibilities, and both Oakley unique optical properties as well as the world's top

decades continue to be promoted through innovation wearing comfort and safety protection. "

Once alpine sports fans wearing Airwave snow mirror, a full range of data information may momentarily revealed. Skiers

can get visual data analysis jumps, full map navigation information accurate positioning information and can even locate

and track the same group of other skiers *. In addition, Airwave is equipped with sensors can also display the sliding

distance, altitude, speed and vertical drop height and other data. The Airwave successfully paired with the smart phone will

be able to instantly display incoming calls and SMS messages while it also supports Bluetooth music devices can easily play

by the device or Airwave snow skier who mirror the wireless touch-screen remote control control **.

Airwave snow mirror integrated in the internal "HUD intelligent display" System display data through innovative

technology, the wearer will feel special visual experience, as if all the data is displayed in five steps away from the wearer's

14 feet on the same virtual screen .

Airwave Snow Goggles compatible with Apple and Android system, through low-power Bluetooth connectivity can

wearer's heartbeat speed smart phone or other equipment coupled. Users can download the Oakley Airwave

http://www.oakley.com/airwave application software, here provides support for a wide range of functions, continuously

updated product introduction, to help reshape the alpine skiers skiing experience.

Top unmatched performance

Airwave snow mirror powerful addition to the above, but also with Oakley original Switchlock technology, so that the

wearer can easily and quickly change the lens, according to the complex and volatile external environment from a wide

variety of optical lenses Oakley, select the appropriate lens, in order to have the most clear glide vision. In order to provide

high-definition vision, HUD "smart display" system is not only the use of semi-reflective lens to ensure the

broad external perspective, technology is also used F3 double lens defogging make clearer vision. Of course, Airwave

Snow Goggles Oakley glasses and all the same, the use of Oakley Plutonite lens material made of 100% filter harmful UV

rays, Iridium Iridium black plating layer can effectively balance the light changes, the full protection of the eyes.

Airwave snow mirror the size of the design suitable for all face wearing, durable frame with lightweight O Matter material to

ensure wearing comfort, while the Oakley O-Flow technology can reduce the snow mirror arched nasal pressure on to

ensure skiers glide breathing flow smoothly. In order to achieve all-weather comfortable wearing experience, other parts of

the application of various design innovations such as a replaceable head fixation straps, the equilibrium pressure of rigid O

Matter material support frame, and fast absorb sweat, keeping the face of the three dry-weather the contact layer fleece

face foam layer.

Oakley Global CEO Baden said that: "Oakley has always been committed to 'beyond reason' brand

manifesto as a driving force continue to break tradition, challenge the limits, Airwave will be a revolutionary innovative

technology and outstanding performance to bring winter sports lovers challenge the limits of infinite possibilities. "

Airwave snow mirror unisex wear. Appearance of color, there are two models to choose from, one is metallic gray or black

with black plated iridium lens barrel lens for medium to bright light, daylight environment; two patterns are white with red

dotted frame plated iridium lenses, apply to very Strong light environment. Both lenses are an enhanced visual contrast

and three-dimensional effect, while the snow with mirror lenses and optical properties have multiple shades to choose


Oakley Airwave snow mirror specified in the global section Oakley Oakley stores and global official website (Oakley.com) for

sale, in addition, at the Apple Online Store and Apple Retail North America, Europe, Japan, stores are sold.
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